"Oh Lord, help me, let me find you!"
Pray for me Jesus, be my priest.
"no tribulations, for My bride!"

Psalms 50:15 And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.
Salme 50:15. Og kald på mig på Nødens dag; jeg vil udfri dig, og du skal ære mig.

August 19. 2013 A.M. 4:47 This under sea level earthquake: The Arabian Spring, is like the tsunami in Japan, March 9. 11. Destroying the power station of Islam. Now we all see the death and destruction coming from uncontrolled anger, radiating from their power stone.
Inspired via T@MZ e-mail Aug 13.2013 and his Amos 8:8
August 20 2013. A.M. 10:52 Ending the Syrian war.
The end will come as peaceful, and quiet, as it has never started, no one can say: We ended the war. It just ended, because of this letter:

Truthful has Iran been to Syria, during an eight year long war, between Iraq and Iran, Syria was the only brother, who came to Iraq with help. (= should be to Iran with help. -> this is added 2016 Nov 18 )
This is truly brotherhood of highest and most respectful manner.
Seen by God, and highly respected by man.

The Iranian brotherhood, support Assad, who actually has no fight going on in Syria, He is no longer "Chief in Command"
Iran is, in a way, because they want a help.
In the North area of Syria, we'll find a people, with only 25.000 refutative, (= 10 or 15 % had to run from Syria) The rest 90 % stay in Syria, having nothing to be afraid of, because they fight for Assad.
This is the condition from Iran, they will receive weapons etc., if they'll fight for Assad.
In the end it is in Iran, that the war in Syria, will find its end.
(changed from: In the end is is in Iran, - -)
This end is easily found by secret diplomacy.
That is why, the war stop without warning. Without explanation. Without giving God the honor and respect, He deserves.
Because of faithless Diplomats.
They can use the words, but give no respect back to God, from whom the words came.
I have personal no ideas, of what and when, but when God give me a precious stone like this story, filled with magic, a peace stone, I'll bring it on my frontpage, like a women, who shows her new neckless.
God made this, I wear it.
These news was told me an hour ago, by a friend, who read news from Persia etc.

These inspiring books, brings you to The Gates of Heaven. Pioneers brings their story from the other world, behind the Gates of Heaven or from Hell. Or look through the windows of the past or in to the future. Or read how I understand the times being now, to day, about: The Great Armageddon etc. Their honor of God are like my Honor, we would be nothing without the words from God. He was the first to speak: "Light!" And there was Light.
Is it wrong of me to love my Father? My creator? We are friends, and even more as friends, we are in family, same DNA.
[JUNE 22. 2013]

Percy Collett born 1902 died 1998,
5½ days in heaven on 36 Tapes / now CD
download Percy and mp3 //Map of Heaven

Book by Percy Collett April 22. 2010
the whole book with .jpg pictures

With gif pictures. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

The revelations from the Stigmatized nun.
"Anna Catharine Emmerich" in German.de

Volume 1. Creation, Birth, and Baptism
· Vol. 2. The 40 days of Fast and teaching.
· Vol. 3. More New Testament.
· Vol. 4. Easter Cross; Resurrection
. Vol.1-4 All 4 books

.Jesus Påske; (på Dansk)

Write about:
"Jesus: the Top Stone!"
The great Pyramid, having:
1: the same size as Heavenly Jerusalem,
2: and having the blueprint of all times and
Rutherford died at the age of 80 in 1974
Pyramidology Vol. 1.

"Bill Wiese"
went to Hell for 23 minutes
"the testimonies from Bill Wiese".


a horror-video on YouTube

"Mary Katherine Baxter"
in Hell with Jesus

40 days in Hell and in Heaven
Some of Her Books

Helvedet; (på Dansk)

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"to day"

Oil? Oct.1. 007

And here is "the Bible" for the
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Mount Horeb & Splitrock:

Prayers Introduction
example:From: Visions Beyond the Veil
by H.A.Baker:
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Feb. 20. 008 from the original book

Sadhu Sundar Singh Danish only

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The Krista Frandsen calender, only a few dates has been translated.

Become the Bride of Christ

Sandhed; (på Dansk)
Thanks, Jesus, for never being tiered of: calling my confidence to you.
(or: Building up my faith in you.)

"By that (confidence), you are united in Me; It is for Me a precious, priceless and dearest treasure."

"By this you receive everlasting joy - otherwise, (or in contrary) when you decline it, you will end up in the darkest despair.

A revelation to: Krista Frandsen September 29.

The Medjugorje Web / Virgin Mary:

Prayers Introduction
First prayer February 6. 008

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