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(alle datoer)- fra mig. Det er mig velbehageligt og dig til velsignelse."
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13. august
"I min kærlighed er Gudslivet altid nyt. Ingen skal bygge på det, han har, men på MIG!
Den som har nok i mig alene, hans liv skal strømme over med levende vand.
Far ikke vild, mine elskede børn; Frelsen og Livet og Kraften er aldrig ejendom, men nådestrømme gennem synderens hjerte!"
Kl. 7:25 2019 August 13 two dreams this morning "Without Love" we are nothing.
First dream, I saw Beatels, (Paul and a friend) coming to my house, where I was living with my first wife, mother to my 5 children.
I asked Paul if he knew of the succes he was getting in his life?
He said no. I thought I could find some of his albums he made, I had hundreds of them, I thought, but I was unable to find just one, to show him.
I then asked him, and his concern was whitch Record compagny he should use.
Buisness was more important, than annything else, for him, and for me.
What a waste of life, for me and for him.
The next dream, I was in the mode, to be together with the past.
I was still looking for the place, where I was hiding old stuf, and inside an old bridge, I saw many of mine old books, they had drained the water, but there was still wett all over my boxes of books etc. They were wett almost faling apart, and melting away like a wett bread. And then in between the books, I saw an young and fresh dog, of mine, It couldn't move but it was smiling at me, and we talked with each other. I lifted it up and layed it on the ground, beside the bridge, outside the chamber, of the bridge.
And then was the conversation, or better, then was my thoughts coming to me: Would I have this great dog, in my life, or not?
It was alive, and it was still in total love with me, as always.
But where was my love? - It was rearly gone.
Is it right, of me to lose my love?
Can God find no love in me?
Ha can't, I realice, when seing these dreams.
Like in both dreams, my love was not, on my life, but on busines.

7:59 I have trained my self to be a winner.
Even now, I have spend the time, wrighting and made a play of game on the computer, to winn, both by wrighting and by playing.
8:11 like the churches of briks, like the land of Israel, God shows us: Where and how long He has been moving, with His plan of Salvation of Mankind.
The world is He, telling us His life storry, about us.
I have just found out: How to make energi out of water, using a H2O engine, and running it on water, plain and pure water. In stead of using petrol.
I have been investigating this for some days, a few weeks or more.
But yesterday, my break came through.
Now I have been told: How to make it.