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(alle datoer)- fra mig. Det er mig velbehageligt og dig til velsignelse."
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P.M. 13:25 2019 August 1 Until now, and to day and in maybe 4 hours, I have been daydreaming of saying yes to work for DT. It became to mutch for me and I had to ask God: Is there no negative sides?
No! But I do not need Trump, to do my work. God told me.
I could go on, by my self, and new idears arived:
Like e-Mailing: "The birth of Jesus" to all universities, asking them: If this would be something, they would work with, getting famous?
But making the homepage . . . . . . . . . is my plan, to honor a fine president. And thoughts coming up, because of His Honorable work.

The swamp
The WWS . . . . .world wide swamp . . . . . Internet Intelligense
I recoment 50.000 young people, age 17 boys and girls, to join this bureau, for 7 month, when anyone drops out, news are taken in, after 7 month they can goes on, like in the militarry.
The 7 month school, is for education, how and what the WWS is.
Ther shal be guided tours in the Swanp.
Annyone, who know these things before, may go direct to the iiB
They are gods and they make the future, together with God Almighty.

What do I exspect of them?
Within 6 month they have found all the crocodiles in the world wide swamp or "on the internet"
The falen ones, the svindlers has been marked with a flag. (maybe God give them more time, it is all written in the bible).
But the dealers, who are honest, shal be able to buy and sell on the internet, the www net or the 666 net, as it could be callen, if using "Bible terms"
The first time the www is used is by Jesus, when He became Mesiah or Christ.
His terror of act, was to destroy the Priesthood, run by the Levites, in Israel.
No more sacrifice, nor then, nor in the future.
The only sacrifice a person can bring, is prayer and praice, and to do: What the Lord is asking for.

Jeremias 8:16. Hans Hestes fnysen høres fra Dan, ved Lyden af hans Hingstes Vrinsken skælver alt landet. De kommer og opæder landet og dets Fylde, Byen og dens Borgere.